Gary Sparks, AIA

"If you only think about architecture as buildings, you will have made only part of the journey.  Equally important are the relationships and memories you make along the way."


Having spent 45 years in this profession it is very difficult to single out one accomplishment to talk about. I can think of many and I am very proud of the opportunities I've had to work on some great projects with great people. All projects involve numerous people with different talents, skills, and knowledge to make up a team that ultimately produces a successful project. 


With that said, Gallagher-Iba and Boone Pickens Stadium at Oklahoma State University are the highlight of my career. Part of this is because I am an alum of OSU and the University took a chance on me when they said I could enroll in the architectural program. I've always believed I had a debt to pay OSU and I believe the opportunity to provide it with a one of a kind arena and a beautiful stadium help pay back that debt. 

Getting to know Gary:

In his personal time Gary enjoys photography and spending time with his incredible family, building memories with the people he cherished most.  


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