When the Wesley Foundation at Oklahoma State University realized it had to replace its existing building, its leaders turned to Sparks Reed. Gary Sparks has been involved with the foundation since his time as an OSU student. 

The outdated building no longer served the functions the client required. Sitting on a small hill just south of the university's library lawn, the new building’s two towers at the entry will serve as a beacon to students all over campus. They will glow at night from two powerful, color-changing LEDs placed at their base. 

This ministry relates to opening up the church to the public, so floor-to-ceiling windows were incorporated into this structure's open, inviting design. 

In today’s culture, bright, vibrant colors, unique textures and finishes, and high-tech features (including lights) help reach out to the youth. With that goal, Wesley leaders also gave strong thought to the building's lifespan.  So, the building's structure, exterior finishes, layout, and other areas difficult to change were designed to be current, but not ‘trendy.' Flooring, wall paint, furniture, lighting, and other facets easy to change were designed to be updated with minimal expense. This duality should allow the building to stay modern on the inside and timeless on the outside.



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