Due to a burgeoning clientele, Super Smiles tasked Sparks Reed with enlarging its existing building, more than doubling the space. 


Since the client specializes in child dentistry, the mandate was that the building be fun and inviting to children of all ages to help alleviate the fears that some children have of the dentist.  The front of the building forms one long corridor of kid activities.  Older children have rows of flat-screen tv’s with an array of Playstations, X-Boxes, and Wii’s to choose from.  Younger children have a toy room, but the largest feature is a 14’ tall jungle-gym-play yard in the middle of the building.


The play yard  has a climbing tree, two slides, a mini-rope bridge, and several other fun activities for the younger clients.  Special coordination had to occur between the architect, play yard designer, mechanical engineer, and structural engineer to ensure that the play yard would fit (and it did, by 6”)!


Although unique, this philosophy of wanting kids to come to the dentist will foster better dental practices of the children throughout their lives.  


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