Construction update

Putnam City High School gymnasium, atrium

AUG. 6, 2018 - Structural history hidden half a century stands revealed in an ongoing renovation of Putnam City High School’s original gymnasium. Sparks Reed Architecture and Interiors design plans removed the arena’s original flat ceiling tiles to uncover bowstring trusses covered up since the gym’s 1957 opening. The project also takes out the old playing floor and concrete bleachers that ran along only one side of the court, replacing them with a new court seating 600 fans spread across both sides. When finished in 2019, players and spectators will enjoy new locker rooms, ticket booth, hospitality suite, and other amenities, all shining beneath the gymnasium’s exposed roof. "That will make it feel like an classic basketball field house, with a similar feel to the one in Hoosiers and Allen Fieldhouse at KU," said Sparks Reed co-founder and principal David Reed. This project includes a 10,000-square-foot addition giving Putnam City a marquee entrance to not just the arena, but the school’s existing auditorium. This creative design also provides PCHS a safe room and a new store site.  

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