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Volume 4, Number 1

This newsletter celebrates Sparks Reed's purchase of a new home, David's latest TV appearance, SR designs hosting tournaments, and constuction updates.

Past issues

Volume 3, Number 4

This newsletter outlines Sparks Reed's many church efforts, unveils a new stadium, wraps up an inspiring arena, highlights a community project, and looks back at a successful 2019.

Volume 3, Number 3

With our fall 2019 newsletter, the SR Insider adopted an email format. Content ranged from photo tours of two finished gymnasiums to a newly licensed architect, a new website feature, and a radio spot.

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Volume 3, Number 2

Our summer 2019 newsletter provides an in-depth feature on the McLain High School arena, a profile of the new book by Gary Sparks, and a feature on the unique internship of Taylor Rider.

Volume 3, Number 1

Our spring 2019 newsletter offers insights on predesign building strategies, the completion of a most unique athletic complex, honors for a Sparks Reed founder, and a fun entrance design!

Volume 2, Number 4

Our winter 2018 newsletter offers feature articles on multipurpose building strategies, a look at how one such building from the Sparks Reed portfolio delivered unexpected dividends, details about the PAWsh Palaces contest by AIA Eastern Oklahoma, holiday party pics, and a year-in-review column by David Reed!

Volume 2, Number 3

Our fall 2018 newsletter features insights on developing a master plan. an overview of our many fundraising services, a feature and photos on the new Wesley Foundation Worship Center at Oklahoma State University. It also updates readers on three other Sparks Reed construction projects. 

Volume 2, Number 2

This summer 2018 newsletter offers an outline for organizing and pulling off a successful building project, a comparison of renderings to reality, an example of how one high school's field house yielded many unforeseen benefits, employee news, and a look back at an unusual Sparks Reed office project!

Volume 2, Number 1

This diverse issue opens with an in-depth article on school construction projects, coupling executive recommendations with project examples. Another piece reveals the dynamic impact Putnam City West executives expect their new Athletic Village will have on campus life and spirit. A fifth article tells how a Putnam City High School renovation and expansion project will provide students, faculty, and supporters with a new sense of history. The newsletter closes with an artistic adventure in snowy Yellowstone by Sparks Reed co-founder Gary Sparks

Volume 1, Number 3

This issue opens with a look back at a very busy 2017 by Sparks Reed co-founder and principal David Reed. It features an article on changing trends in stadium design, flashbacks on three Sparks Reed projects, a profile of new hire Bryan Broaddrick, reflections on the August tornado, and holiday party pics!

Volume 1, Number 2

This issue features an article on Sparks Reed's recovery from a tornado strike; details on the hiring of Tyler Sappington, Emily Chambers, and Jun Kang Robinson; a look back at how Sparks Reed renovated a famous Oklahoma company's world headquarters; and reflections on the firm's growth by principal and co-founder David Reed.

Volume 1, Number 1

The inaugural SR Insider tells of David Reed's trip to Washington with fellow AIA members, groundbreakings by three Sparks Reed clients, the Muskogee Gateways project launch, and the University of Central Oklahoma's softball field renovations!

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