Intern Architect

Jun Kang Robinson

"After seven years of architecture school and a year and a half work experience, I am ready to start my career and contribute to Sparks Reed Architecture & Interiors”

I graduated from the University of Florida with a master's degree in architecture. Five years of undergraduate school in China and two years of graduate school in the United States offered me a unique perspective on my design. Before I started graduate school, I worked as an architectural designer for one year and a half in Shanghai, China. Two years of graduate school in the University of Florida further enhanced my skill on digital architectural drawing, hand drawing, and model making. It also broadened my knowledge of architecture. The earliest influence on my determination to pursue a career in architecture can be attributed to my father, a licensed architect in China. With his guidance, I began to learn at an early age sketching and painting skills and an appreciation for the arts. He also instilled in me the importance of professional values. Such an understanding was reinforced during the education, internship and work experience.  I would like to focus my career in architectural design to create designs for public and residential buildings that bring emphasis to the comfort and well-being of people affected by my work.

Getting to know Jun:

I enjoy going to museums, to see all the artwork. I’m interested in doing my own artwork. I enjoy seeing all the beautiful things; I want to make all the beautiful things! I’ve also traveled across a lot of the world, the Middle East, Asia, the U.S. This experience has taught me a lot of different thoughts from people all over the world.

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