Elizabeth Ingraham

"When you see a project being built and then in use, that is the reward."

Construction Document Supervisor

Sparks Reed Architecture and Interiors has hired Elizabeth Ingraham as a construction document supervisor.

Ingraham (pronounced Ingram) has worked in the architectural industry for more than two decades, usually as a developer or manager of construction documents. This graduate of Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogota, Colombia, first served alongside Sparks Reed cofounder David Reed a decade ago, when both were employees of the Sparks architectural firm.


"David was with the sports team at that time, and I was with the health care team, working on hospitals and medical facilities and such," said Ingraham. "So David and I didn't have that much interaction. But now that I'm working with him, everybody told me that he was very nice, and that's right. He's very nice to work with."


While the architecture industry has changed dramatically through computerization, the production of construction documents remains a paper-driven vocation. This pleases Ingraham, who enjoys working with her hands. When not on the job, she enjoys sewing and cooking.


"Every project is a challenge," she said of the work. "When you see a project being built and then in use, that is the reward."

Getting to know Elizabeth:

When not on the job, Elizabeth enjoys sewing and cooking.


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