"I've never seen a facility  that big...probably the biggest locker room I've ever seen"

-Chris Carson, OSU Running Back 

Oklahoma State University’s Boone Pickens Stadium now ranks among the top in the nation when it comes to facilities.  The stadium was once known as the ‘rust bucket’ and is now a shining gem anchoring the north end of campus.  One of the things the design team is most proud of is its sensitivity to and keeping with the Georgian architectural vernacular. The uniqueness of the stadium is that it is anchored on the East by historic Gallagher Iba Arena and bowled in on the west with the finest suites and football operation facilities in the Big 12.


The student-athlete is the heart that makes the stadium and the fans exciting.  In our design of the West End Zone, we placed the student athlete at the center and designed every space that is vital to the studen-athlete around them.  The players locker room is located at the very center of the West End Zone and we surrounded that space with the things each players uses and trains with every day, (weight room, training room, equipment room, meeting rooms, etc.) making sure that each player and coach can maximize the 24 hours everone is given each day.  By eliminating steps and saving time, we have given both student-athletes and coaches a competitive edge.



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