The Football Operations Building is a 60,000 sq/ft facility that will bowl in the North endzone linking the two sidelines with a new facility overlooking the stadium as well as connecting to the new Indoor Practice Facility just North of the stadium.  The new facility will house the entire football operations.  Players locker room with a view of the stadium and direct access to the field.  Strength and conditioning room that connects to the indoor the practice facility.  Sports medicine/trainers with hydrotherapy pools adjacent to the players locker room and direct access to the field.  Equipment and laundry facility adjacent to the players locker room and direct field access.  Players meeting rooms and team theater.  Coach's offices overlooking stadium with balcony.  ASU football hall of fame entry lobby.


The Indoor Practice Facility is an 80,000 sq/ft full size football field practice facility.  Facility is also open to the student body for recreation.  There are batting cages, golf area and field goal nets.  

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