Sparks Reed was tasked with taking a mostly vacant 1970’s/80’s architecture generic office building and convert it into a Grade A premium office complex.  The thickly-textured stucco was re-clad with dry-stacked stone base capped off with cast stone and smooth stucco above.  The random placement of the exterior windows was laid out in a more orderly fashion and dry-stacked stone columns were added at regular intervals to break up the facade. 

The formerly heavy-looking front overhang/entry was re-envisioned by eliminating four un-necessary columns, and re-cladding the two needed columns with stone and slender round aluminum column covers to lighten up the appearance of the overhang.  The dark metal panels on top gave back some of the visual ‘weight.’

Interior walls were removed and the overall plan was discussed with the City of Tulsa planning department to allow up to four different tenants and still comply with building codes.  

What was an often overlooked, and neglected building along I-44 has been renovated into a premium office space with Interstate access and premium signage opportunities.  


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